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battle for the bearer of light

On a farm in Africa, through a hidden portal in a baobab tree…

Enter the world of Skydalon – a place filled with adventure, wonder and magical creatures.

Join Grace, Liam, Lindi and her monkey, Bobo, on an epic  journey to save Skydalon and its Bearer of Light when dark forces threaten.

Discover how these young, intrepid adventurers triumph over adversity, and learn how to believe in themselves through the  power of friendship and courage.

Let the adventure begin...

If you are aged between  9  and 13 years old and love reading fantasy adventure stories then this novel is definitely for you! As you disappear into the world of Skydalon you will meet the Tree Keeper, Majesta and his Flock of the White Light, you will find out about the four tribes of Skydalon; Crystalyte, Draconia, Pegasus and Chamelia. Each tribe has special Tools, Talents and Weapons. If you want to stay in Skydalon you need to join one of the tribes ~ which one would you want to join? Don’t wait another second to find out, leap into Skydalon and start reading today!

Download this pdf, which is a guide to the positive messages sprinkled throughout the story.

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Skydalon is a fantasy world filled with enchanting creatures both human and magical. Entry to Skydalon is gained through the Southern Portal, which is a baobab tree on the farm Lalapanzi in South Africa and the Northern Portal is an oak tree in the grounds of St Luke’s School in England.

Grace, her friend Lindi and her pet monkey, Bobo, discover the Southern portal to Skydalon.

Once inside Skydalon Grace, Lindi and Bobo discover that they have to play the mysterious Mazey Game in order to be assigned to one of the four tribes of Skydalon otherwise they may not return to Skydalon.

These are the four tribes of Skydalon; which one would you want to belong to?


A stunning book to read – I read this book to my Gr5 class during the dull and boring exam time and was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading the imaginative tale (I am 53!) but even more so mind-blown by the response of the children! They hung on every word I read and the requests for to read to them, the absolute attention and quiet in the classroom while I was reading and the (best of all) disappointment when the bell rang for home-time and I had to stop reading, was an eye-opener for me! Stunning! I love this book with its positive message...and I cannot wait to read it again to my new class.

Benita Faiers, Grade 5 Teacher and Head of English Department - Gene Louw Primary School

What an amazing book! Filled to the brim with adventure, overflowing with incredible life lessons. Loved reading this book and can HIGHLY recommend it to ALL parents with children. Great to read to them if younger – great for them to read themselves if older. A throwback to yesteryear when books were exciting, interesting and filled with positive, wholesome and thought provoking storytelling!

Mike Herbig, Founder CJA Jiu Jitsu Academy.

The book was fun, adventerise, supprising, and unusaul in a fun way. It made me feel happy, magical and like I was a part of the book.

My favourite character was Bobo the monkey because he is really funny.

The book is full of courirosity. I learned there is always more to learn about your Grandparents 1 Antserters, to always be brave and hope. And if you see a tree with a hole in it just test it an hope…

Caitlyn, 11 years old.

I thought the book, Epic Tales of Skydalon, was LEGENDARY! I thought it was very creative. I felt transported to the world of Skydalon. Can’t wait for the next book!

Anushka Krüger, 10 years old

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and would 100% recommend...its an exciting whirlwind of adventure that is hard to put down. Absolutely love the positive reinforcements throughout the book making you want to achieve your full potential. I live in the UK now and some of the references in the book made my heart swell with memories of the past. When I drive past schools in UK now I can’t help wondering what adventures lie in stall in the second book...eeekkk.

Sharon Costa

Epic Tales of Skydalon is a must read for the young and old alike. The story told by Michelle Sciacca takes you on an incredible journey that not only keeps you from putting the book down but taps into your imagination painting every word in vivid colours and takes you into the wonderful world of Skydalon as if you were one of the characters in the book. Michelle’s ability to describe every tiny detail creates such a clear world in your minds eye it’s like a movie playing out and certainly not just words written on a page. The beautiful messages and lessons on positivity and overcoming difficulty are scattered like tiny pearls of wisdom through out the book...it is absolutely a stroke of genius...to be able to teach children the power of positive thinking while taking them on an epic adventure.

Tracy Lane

I loved the epic tales of skydalon Battle for the bearer of light cause how Gracie and Lindi become friends. Then go on mysterious adventures and then become friends with Liam. The fight against the best villian of all. I felt like I was right there in the book and was really sad when the book was finished. It became more and more interesting. It’s a book that you will read over and over again.

Amber Hailstones – 11 years old

Battle for the Bearer of Light is a truly amazing book. I could feel the tension rising before the battle between the Skydalons and the creatures from Urkalla. And I loved following Lindi and Grace on their marvellous adventures. The setting, characters and events are described so vividly that I cannot stop picturing them in my mind. Thank you so much for bringing Skydalon to life and I can’t wait for the next book.

Yujin Lamuri – 12 years old

The kid in you or near you needs to read this book. If Narnia were set in Africa...with a few magical twists and a beautiful message. I could not get my daughter to put it down.

Wendy Cochrane

I loved Skydalon because it had thrilling action and adventure. My favourite character was Bobo because he was really funny and cheeky! My favourite part of the book was when there was a rogue arrow during training because it was really unexpected and surprising. I was visualising images in my head as I read this. I can’t wait to read the next book!

Jun Lamuri 10 years old

I loved skydalon, it was one of the best books I’ve ever read it was adventurous and courageous. I would be happy to read it five more times/ My favorite character was Lindi because she was adventurous and never gave up and was always on her bff’s side. Thank you so much Michelle for this wonderful book. I have enjoyed every minute and cannot wait for the next one.

Lots of love Alex 11 years old

I read this book just after it was released. I loved it..took me back to my childhood reading the Magic Faraway Tree. Meeting all the wonderful characters each with their own unique abilities. Transporting on to another time..another place. Nowadays looking at the trees makes you wonder about the magic...could a chattering monkey be hiding in amongst the branches..or could Liam be waiting..to take you on a magic carpet ride. All in all an exciting wonderful read.

Lyn Smith


August 2018

Battle for the Bearer of Light is now available at Exclusive Books, some Bargain Books and van Schaik Book Stores.

ISBN  978-0-620-72743-3

February 2018

Readings and talks at local schools are an amazing way to meet readers and speak to the learners about why reading is so important for them. It’s not all serious though….learners get to find out which tribe they belong to and some even get to play Tribal Championships.

December 2017

The Stellenbosch Waldorf School Christmas Market was a magical way to interact with children.

Finding out which Tribe you belong to is exciting business!.

February 2017

What a great turn out for the launch of Battle for the Bearer of Light!

Loads of fun was had by all.


Michelle Sciacca lives in Cape Town with her husband and two children. After spending a childhood writing reams of poetry and fairy tales, Michelle studied Advertising and Marketing. She spent many years in the Advertising and Marketing industry and finally decided that the real world was far too boring and took a leap into the fantasy world she currently inhabits...well for as much of the time as she can get away with. Michelle enjoys writing for children as she loves the idea of creating vivid images with words and believes that there is  no limit  to a child's imagination,  which makes writing for children such great fun.
For more information, editorial opportunities, interview requests, school readings and  talks please get in touch with Michelle at michelle@skydalon.com